Kleintours of Ecuador

Quick Specs
Kleintours of Ecuador
OCG Class: Expedition
Newest Ship:  Galapagos Legend
Number of Ships:  3
Toll-Free (US):  888-505-5346
Kleintours of Ecuador Expedition Cruise Line
Kleintours of Ecuador Ships

Kleintours, with 27 years of experience, offers 3, 4 and 7 day cruises of the Galapagos Islands on its three vessels, the 100 passenger Galapagos Legend, the 36 passenger Coral, and the 20 passenger Coral II.
Coral I Cruise Schedule & Sailings
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Coral I
Refurbished: 2002
Passengers: 36
Coral II Cruise Schedule & Sailings
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Coral II
Refurbished: 2006
Passengers: 20
Decks: 3
Galapagos Legend Cruise Schedule & Sailings
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Galapagos Legend
Year Built: 1962
Refurbished: 2007
Passengers: 100
Decks: 4
Size: 2,746 tons