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Crystal Cruises Cruises & Ships
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Crystal Cruises
Ships Cruising: 2  Newest Crystal Cruises Ship: Crystal Serenity
Hovering somewhere between the premium and high-end luxury markets, Crystal Cruises offers two well-appointed and elegant cruise ships each carrying around 1,000 passengers. The ships never stick to one area long, and generally circumnavigate the globe annually.
Hapag-Lloyd Cruises Cruises & Ships
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Hapag-Lloyd Cruises
Ships Cruising: 5  Newest Hapag-Lloyd Cruises Ship: Europa 2
Hapag-Lloyd is a venerable German line that traces its root all the way back to the 19th century. Catering primarily to Germans and English-speakers, Hapag-Lloyd offers a variety of high-end cruises for well-heeled passengers around Northern Europe and the Mediterranean, as well as expedition-style trips to the Northwest Passage and Antarctica.
Hebridean Island Cruises Cruises & Ships
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Hebridean Island Cruises
Ships Cruising: 1  Newest Hebridean Island Cruises Ship: Hebridean Princess
Hebridean caters to the very high-end British market, offering a vessel that feels more like a luxurious Scottish hotel than cruise ship. Most cruises troll the Western Isles but occasionally venture further to the Shetlands, Orkneys, Norway and Ireland.
Paul Gauguin Cruises Cruises & Ships
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Paul Gauguin Cruises
Ships Cruising: 2  Newest Paul Gauguin Cruises Ship: Tere Moana
Paul Gauguin Cruises is a very high-end venture, operating a single luxuriously appointed ship on Tahitian itineraries. The line's only ship, Paul Gauguin, is named for the line's President and is the largest, best-appointed vessel cruising French Polynesia.
Regent Seven Seas Cruises Cruises & Ships
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Regent Seven Seas Cruises
Ships Cruising: 3  Newest Regent Seven Seas Cruises Ship: Seven Seas Voyager
Regent Seven Seas Cruises operates a modern, high-end, three-ship fleet that offers itineraries in every major cruise region in the world (except Antarctica). Accommodations are luxurious and the vast majority are suites. Passengers are generally a mix of older, well-heeled North Americans, Europeans and Australians.
Seabourn Cruises & Ships
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Ships Cruising: 6  Newest Seabourn Ship: Seabourn Quest
Seabourn provides some of the finest food and service afloat. The steep, but truly all-inclusive rates appeal to well-heeled North Americans and Europeans, and the line offers a wide variety of itineraries all over the world. The SeaDream Yacht Club is probably the closest competitor, but its vessels are much smaller than Seabourns.
SeaDream Yacht Club Cruises & Ships
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SeaDream Yacht Club
Ships Cruising: 2  Newest SeaDream Yacht Club Ship: SeaDream II
SeaDream Yacht Club operates a two ship fleet (SeaDream I & II) that each carry 100 passengers in roomy, luxurious accommodations. The vessels generally divide their time between the Mediterranean and Caribbean, offering top-notch food, service and spa treatments to well-heeled passengers and charter groups.
Silversea Cruises Cruises & Ships
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Silversea Cruises
Ships Cruising: 8  Newest Silversea Cruises Ship: Silver Spirit
Family-owned by the Lefebvres of Rome, Silversea projects an Italian heritage and caters primarily to older well-heeled North Americans, with some Europeans, Australians and Asians joining the mix. All Silversea vessels offer enrichment lecturers and feature an Italian decor with highlights like Murano-glass fixtures.