Darwin Cruises with Australis

Australis takes travelers along Darwin’s route in Patagonia

Exploring San Andres Island

A hideaway destination in Colombia, San Andres has a rich history and stunning wildlife

3 Ways Tamarindo, Costa Rica Has Evolved

Tamarindo retains its charm as new restaurants, hotels and tours open alongside the surf town classics

Updates for Historic Cuenca

New and upgraded hotels, attractions and transportation are in the works for Cuenca, Ecuador

Colonial Suchitoto, El Salvador

The well-preserved town of Suchitoto appeals with its slow pace, lake-side surroundings and colonial architecture

Salta, the Beautiful

The provincial city of Salta is a treasure in northwestern Argentina

Central / South America Photo Tours & Videos

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Discovering Casa Andina in Peru

Recently, I had the opportunity to visit Peru on Globus’ Peru Splendors tour. It was an amazing trip, from the guides to the properties. One of the...

The Sweet Taste of Colonial Costa Rica

Costa Rica’s El Viejo Wetlands set up a 5,000-acre sanctuary for native wildlife species in the tropical dry forest, where visitors can take tours of...

A Volcano of Extinction

Anywhere you hike on Easter Island is likely going to afford you breathtaking views of the sea. By hiking to Rano Kau — part of the Rapa Nui National...